* Who is Amitola Zander?

Amitola Z. is a 30-year-old woman who has a strong passion in the field of mind power. For many years she was searching for the right answers, digged everywhere to finally realize that answers lied in her mind. Call it concious or subconcious, doesn’t matter. People have all the recourses and the power they need inside their minds. It takes time and work to learn how to use them though.

*What’s Amitola’s Mission?

Simple – to teach you how you can help yourself. Noone else can save you. Only you have the power, the mind power, to discover who you are now and how you can change the way you want.

*Why Weight Motivation?

Because people with extra weight need it desperately. And need help to find it. It is a pain watching so many people having low self-esteem, blaming themselves, blaming others, feeling a failure just because they can’t find the wayto change. There is a way.

You need to ask the right questions so you can get the right answers.

DirectMotivation.com is about asking the right questions. Answers are up to you.

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