After Losing Weight – You Still Need Motivation

after losing weight

I am thin now

Did you believe that after losing weight your life was going to be just perfect? “If only I could get rid of those 10 (or 100 pounds, it really doesn’t matter) I’ll be completely happy…” Does this sound familiar?

You are thin now, congratulations! But, hey, wake up! Life keeps going, problems keep flowing – bills, kids, loans, broken car, broken promises, job, mortgage, cooking, cleaning the house, newborn babies, dying friends, latest news…

The truth is your problems will always be there no matter what your BMI is. Now you have no more handy excuses for not doing what you should.

OK, time for the good news. You can do it. You know you can, don’t you? Whatever stands in your way you can deal with it. Don’t let the twists of life make you relapse into your old lifestyle.

You definitely have lost something on your way – overweight is gone now, but think of what you’ve gained.

  • After losing weight you are now a woman (man) with iron self discipline who doesn’t question daily routines or healthy eating.
  • Your self-confidence doesn’t keep you wondering “if you could” but knowing “you can”.
  • You now have complete control of your health and body which means less (if any at all) medical problems.
  • You can cook dozens of healthy, natural foods for family and friends.

Here are some tips to boost your motivation in the moments of weakness we all happen to have:

  • Take out your list with benefits of being thin, read it slowly and let yourself feel the satisfaction of a job well done. Do any of those things you dreamed of while being fat. Don’t throw yourself into deep thinking. Pick a number from the list and just do it. I’m so sure it will make you feel contented.
  • Look at pictures of you “before” and “after”. Or better – take the camera and make some pictures of yourself. It feels good to see how far you’ve come.
  • Put on your favorite jeans, dress or whatever you dreamed to be able to fit in. Turn on the radio and dance. If you can do this in front of the mirror the positive effect will doubleJ.
  • Go on a shopping tour, alone or better with friends. Buy yourself sexy lingerie and arrange a surprise strip tonight for your partner.
  • Jump on your bed without fear of crushing it  (age and sex don’t matter).

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