motivation definition


Motivation is not a reason, it is not a cause, and it is not a motive or a benefit. It is not an incentive or a split secondimpulse.
It is not a sole act, it is not committing to something.

Motivation is a complex mix of all the above and yet is so simple. It is the answer of only one question. Can you say what it is?


If you can answer that one question right you will get it – the motivation you need will fill you up and won’t let you until you take action and achieve your goal.

But… There is always a but…You need to answer right. If you go wrong you will still be motivated. But for the wrong WHY. You will still take action but it won’t lead you to your goal.

So the next time you hear yourself saying “I’m not motivated to lose weight” or “My lose weight motivation just ain’t strong enough” just sit in some quite place and think of all your reasons to lose weight.

You have to find out why you want to lose weight and how you feel about it. May be you will realize that you are OK with being fat or obese as long as others don’t treat you like one. Or you will find an inner power to start changing your habbits and lifestyle right away.

It is very important that you are clear with yourself about what you want and how you expect to get it.

In my post “Thin Or Fat – A Question Of Math” I have explained the reasons why your mind would turn down your strongest wish – to be thin.

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