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To control life you must be motivated, you must have a goal, you must have a plan and you must take action!

Tips to stay motivated
1. Choose to work on goals that have value for you not somebody else.
2. You will achieve your goals only if you believe you can achieve them.
3. You choose whether or not to let negative beliefs and emotions stand in your way.

Importance of a goal
A goal is a target towards you can direct your efforts. If you haven’t set a goal you will move in the wrong direction. You will waste time and effort. Your goal should be more specific than a general “I want to be slim’.
You need to know not only what you want, but also why you want it. I think that is the thing that most people find hard to figure out. It’s not your friends or your family that should be the reason. Think, dig, analyze. Find out WIIFY (what’s in it for you).

A goal set right will establish the deep, strong, almost blind faith that if you keep going things will work out right.

Importance of a plan
Once you have set right your goal you will find it easy to make a plan for reaching it. So reach out for a sheet of paper and a pen and start writing down:

1. What is the body you’d like to have
2. How you plan to get it
3. What have you done in the past for your body
4. What are you presently doing for your body
5. What are the next steps you will take to reach your goal
Keep that document and re-read it from time to time to be sure you stay in the right way.

How to take action
This is the hard part for all of us. We have our goals set, we’ve made our plan and then nothing. ”I could have done/been…” but…When you don’t take action nothing happens. Nothing will change until you make a change.

Making choices
Now you should have realized what your problems are, set right your goal and written an action plan. You are happy with your self because you have finally made some great steps towards your dream. Get ready to face the reality of making choices. Making the right choices keeps you in your way. The problem is for a change to take place it should outweigh the resistance.

Dealing with resistance
The natural and therefore the easiest way to act in such a situation is relying on old habits to tell you what to do. Words just slip from your mouth without even thinking “I guess I can…”, “It won’t hurt to…” Before you know it a day becomes a week and a month.Don’t let the old habits hold you back. Change them. One by one, step by step.

How To Make Your Action Plan Work
There is a way to make your action plan work ….. and it is by making the right decision when you face a choice. Reality is you have to make choices almost every other minute. Don’t delude yourself that small choices don’t count. It’s the decision on small choices that makes big things happen.
The first step to making a right decision is asking (and answering) yourself:

1. What are the possibilities I can choose from?
2. What will be the result (effect) of every choice I make?
3. What is my decision upon those choices?

Analyzing the alternatives and consequences gives you a better chance to make the right decision and take control of the situation.

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